Booking and payment

Classes must be booked and paid for prior to the commencement of the session. Payments can be made either online, by cheque or by BACS. Fees are not refundable. On receipt of your completed booking form and full payment Mud Pies will confirm your booking and acknowledge receipt of your payment via email.


You must ensure you and your child are dressed for being outdoors, with appropriate waterproofs, footwear, hats and/or sunscreen.


Mud Pies will provide all necessary equipment for each activity. Mud Pies does not accept responsibility for your or your child’s property.


You are vital to the successes of Mud Pies sessions and in making a booking you agree to participate with your child in the session activities.

Mud Pies will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you and your child can explore the outdoors safely. Mud Pies will have carried out a  full  risk benefit assessment of each woodland site and the activities it intends to carry on there. You should ensure that your child  participates only if they feel safe to do so. Mud Pies will encourage each child to take part in the activities at their own level.

You, however, will remain responsible for  your child during  each Mud Pies class. In making a booking for a Mud Pies session, you acknowledge the risks associated with activities of this type and agree to keep your child safe during each class.

Health and social conditions

You must tell Mud Pies of any illnesses, allergies, disabilities or social problems that your child has or has recently had that may affect your child or other children during Mud Pies classes. This information will be treated confidentially.


You must make sure your child  behaves in a respectful manner to other attendees.


Mud Pies reserves the right to alter or cancel classes as weather or other operational considerations dictate. If Mud Pies is unable to run a class (e.g. due to illness), participants will receive a refund of the fees for that class. Refunds are not given for cancellations out with Mud Pies’ control (e.g. weather).


Unless you advise Mud Pies in advance that you do not want your child to appear in any images, photographs of Mud Pies classes taken by Mud Pies may be used by Mud Pies for observational records, promotional material and website content.

Data protection

Mud Pies will keep your information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and it will only be used for the purposes of Mud Pies. No other company or organisation will be given  your personal details.


Please contact Mud Pies as soon as possible to discuss any complaint you may have. E: info@mudpieadventures.co.uk, M: 07929 465680. Woodend Cottage, Netherley, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire AB39 3QL, Scotland.