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Mud Pies Classes…

Sticks and Stones – classes from birth to 24 months
Mud Pies – classes for 2 to five year olds

Sticks and Stones

Looking for a morning out in the fresh air with your tot, feeling great after having spent time in a lovely wood? Sticks and Stones is Aberdeen’s activity class for the under 2s and their adults to have fun in the outdoors.

Each class at Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen, starts with a 30 minute pushchair walk at adult pace through the woods, followed by an hour of play amongst the trees. The walk gives parents some fresh air whilst the play session encourages children to have fun through exploring and investigating.*

Tuesday mornings – 10 to 11.30am at Hazlehead Park. Meeting point – the little car park/lay by on Groats Road next to the small swing park. Here’s a map!

Autumn 2016
Tuesdays 23 August to 4 October (7 weeks)
This block started on 16 August but you can still join in on the remaining 5 weeks.
Please note there is NO class on Tuesday 6 September.
Times – 10am to 11.30am
Costs – £25: £5 per class. Adults go free, payable in advance by session.

Early years education encourages children to experience outdoor spaces in their own way, so this is deliberately a very informal class. Those not yet walking can investigate baskets of natural items such as cones, stones and household objects. Mobile tots collect sticks and stones in little beach buckets, dig in the mud patch, draw with chalk and play with the toy cars and diggers. We also explore in the woods, feeling the bark of trees, touching soft leaves, rolling balls down hills and lots more!

Please bring a snack and drink for your child. The park’s cafe is open too for take away coffees. There are toilets nearby at the golf club house.

* this half hour walk is optional. Feel free to meet us at the woods around 10.30am for an hour of play if the walk is not your kind of thing!

Mud Pies

Outdoor adventures for 24 months to 5 years! Classes run on Mondays and Thursdays. Due to the road between Kingswells and Cults being closed from August to December both Monday and Thursday classes will take place at Hazlehead Park in Aberdeen.

Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen
Come and explore a secret wood in Hazlehead Park. Squelch in mud, jump off rocks, climb mountains, make things and find out about wildlife! We meet at the small swing park on Groats Road, towards Hazlehead Academy and the swimming pool. Here’s a map. The park’s cafe is also open for lunch and coffee.

Sibling (10%) and twin (15%) discounts now available – enter “sibling discount” or “twin discount” in the “Coupon code” box on the cart page.

22 August to 3 October (7 weeks)
Times – 10am to 11.30am and 1pm to 2.30pm (both fully booked)
Costs – £49. £7 per class payable in advance by session. Adults go free!

18 August to 5 October (7 weeks)
This session started on 18 August but you can still join in on the 6 remaining weeks.
Please note there is NO class on Thursday 25 August.
Times – 10am to 11.30am
Costs – £42. £7 per class payable in advance by session. Adults go free!

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